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Off the Coast (Inspired by Virgin Island Water by Creed)

Off the Coast (Inspired by Virgin Island Water by Creed)

Unisex Perfume Mist

Escape to your own private beach with Off the Coast, a captivating fragrance inspired by Creed's Virgin Island Water. With intoxicating notes of citrus, sweet coconut, vanilla, rum, and a hint of woody tropical spice, this heavenly scent will transport you to a paradise of relaxation and tranquility.

Top notes are Coconut, Lime, White Bergamot and Sicilian Mandarin; middle notes are Ginger, Ylang-Ylang, Indian Jasmine and Hibiscus; base notes are White Rum, Sugar Cane and Musk.

Sillage: Moderate

Longevity:3-5 hrs(layer with body oil to increase longevity) 

Contain perfume alcohol and fragrance 

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