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A Walk in the Park( Inspired by Chloe)Body Oil

A Walk in the Park( Inspired by Chloe)Body Oil

Women’s  body oil 

Inspired by Chloe 

A Walk in the Park, inspired by Chloe by Chloe, is a floral and woody fragrance for the modern woman. This scent is composed of sweet powdery notes, plus white and yellow florals, layered with fruity and citrus notes for an overall fresh smell.

Our body oil version of Chloe is inspired by the original Chloe by Chloe perfume. 

The best body oils that will have you smelling good and have your skin moisturized! Get our perfume oils in  body oil! Available in 2oz bottles. 

Body Oils are created with a base of Jojoba oil and infused with our perfume oils. 

Oils can be used all over body. Avoid face area and only to be used on outside parts of body. 

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