About Us

Hello! I just want to introduce myself☺️. I’m Erika , owner of Scented Trail Body Oils. I’m happily married to the best husband,I’m  a respiratory therapist, and I’m originally from Louisiana. I love food 🤤😩 and I looove to travel!

So what made me start a perfume body oil business ? I am a fragrance addict!!! I love to smell good. Like fragrances put me in different moods but all good moods. Wearing a fragrance is like wearing an accessory that is necessary.

About 3 yrs ago my husband and I started wearing perfume body oils and whenever we wear them , we receive compliments. Whenever I wear my original perfumes from niche brands I receive compliments but people would say oh that’s too expensive🥴. So then I thought I could find a way to help people smell expensive for an affordable price! This is how Scented Trail Body Oils came about.

We make it easy to help people smell amazing everyday without having to break the bank.